Study of Architecture, Urban Planning and interior design of Murcia

Tovar Architects is a study of architecture of Murcia created in 2.006 whose activity focuses on an integral development of projects of architecture, analyzing the different relations between architecture, urban planning and interior design in the Region of Murcia and in Alicante.

Our study is interested in all areas of the architecture of Murcia and Alicante, working on projects of any size, from single family houses to housings towers and from small projects of design of urban planning to big partial plans.

The form of work of this study of architecture departs form the concept of the architecture like a generating instrument of attractive experiences.

This study of architecture design is passionate and perfectionist in everything he does. We like to innovate and enjoy the projects, approaching each project - from concept to implementation - in a way that is creative and different, being reflected in all his works of architecture in Murcia and Alicante. This study of architecture of Murcia is convinced that this is the best way to create a unique architectural design.

In the study of architecture of Tovar Architects, we consider every architecture project in Murcia from a different perspective, according to the needs of every client, of the environment where it has to develop, of the materials that we are going to use… from these elements we will develop the project, solving the different problems that appear in the design and materializing through multiple formats the project. Tovar Architects, a large study of Architecture and Urbanism in Murcia and Alicante.

The architects from Tovar architects have extensive experience in the field of urban planning. In this area, this study of architecture aims to promote the participation of the different parts that generate the cities of the Region of Murcia and Alicante, both public and private bodies and social organizations. Building the cities of the Region of Murcia and Alicante from the stages of gestation of urban developments to the generation of public spaces and their comprehensive quality. Carrying out initiatives and programs for the revitalization of public spaces through environmentally harmonious designs with the environment.

Tovar Architects, your study of Architecture in Murcia and Alicante.